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BMW Cabriolet 2017 Red

Daily Rental price: 150$ Insurance: 100% Unlimited Milage Color:Red Type: Sedan - Cabriolet Airbags : 6

Ford Mustang 2017 Red

Ford Mustang Color: Red Type: Sedan, Cabriolet Airbags: 6 All Electro package Aux,mp3.DVD  

Hyundai Sonata 2017

Hyundai Sonata 2017 Color: Grey,Black,White Airbags: 6 Doors:5 Aux,Mp3,DVD Tiptronik Panorama Luk

Toyota Prius

The car is insured 100% In case of rent, the daily amount is 120 GEL. Additionally, you pay a deposit of 300 GEL. When you return the car, the deposit will be refunded. In case the car has damage or a police penalities, deposit will not be returned to you.

Car Features

FM Radio
Power Windows
Speed Km
Steering Wheel