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Friendship, safety and household duties: a psychologist for children

It is very important that the child understands his feelings, knows how to be friends and take care of himself. And today children have to explain why you can’t play on the tablet all the time and how advertising manipulates our consciousness. It’s not so easy to choose words so that the conversation does not turn into a dispute or a boring moralizing. A book written by Larisa Surkova will come to the rescue, a psychologist for children, for children,.

What to do if a child has a brother or sister? How to prepare for school and make friends with classmates? Is sport important and why brush your teeth? What is it useful for children to think about by begging a kitten or puppy from parents? How to communicate with adults and protect yourself from dangerous people?

All parents will learn important topics in this list, which sooner or later they have to speak with their children. But not everyone is easy to give complex explanations, and sometimes due to misunderstanding and impatience of the elders in the family, quarrels occur. What to do?

Perhaps the translation will be needed – from an adult language to children. We need stories written understandable and not boring. And better a whole book – with pictures, so that the children themselves read it with pleasure, independently or together with the elders.

“Merry psychology https://gholdings.vn/khong-phan-loai/advantages-of-a-business-vdr for children. Houses and at school »authorship of Larisa Surkova-this is 18 stories-urbas. The main character, the seven -year -old boy Stepa, is in situations typical for each child. By his example, readers will learn how to get out of them with honor and avoid troubles.

We give a fragment from the book.

About the fact that adults are dangerous

Once my mother came to take me from school, and when we walked home with her, some sad aunt gave us a sheet of paper. It was on the girl’s photograph. I asked my mother who she is. Mom said that it says that the girl is 6 years old and she disappeared when she walked near the house.

I don’t understand how it could be. Maybe she quarreled with her mother and ran away, but her mother said that it doesn’t always happen. Often dangerous adults lead children, so that this does not happen to me, it is important to follow the safety rules.

I asked why they lead the children. Mom replied that cases are different, sometimes children are even killed. I was very scared, but my mother promised to teach me how to make it happen that this did not happen to me. Now I know and tell you about it.

  • In advance, come up with your parents a secret word, for example “crocodile”. No one should know this word but you.
  • If someone came up and said that your mother sent him, ask this word. If the stranger called him incorrectly or began to say that this is not a game, all this does not matter – know, this person can be dangerous! Immediately start screaming to attract attention: “Help!”,” Fire!”,” This is someone else’s!”.
  • If he tries to grab you – scream, bite, kick! You need to do everything so that other people come up. Even if this dangerous person will deceive them, you will also have the opportunity to tell them something.
  • Never agree to sweets, cakes and toys that the stranger promises. He just deceives. I want gifts? And so that he hurts you – I want? Do not believe such people!
  • Learn by heart the phone of mom and police. If you are offered to call, dial the number yourself.
  • In any incomprehensible situation, call for help. Mom says it is better to overdo it than to allow a bad person to take you.

I know my family for 7 years. And I think she is very good. If you have quarrels with parents or you do not always understand each other, remember that they are your closest and beloved people on earth.

Mom always tells me this: family is like the first floor of the house. Without a family it will grow scary, and she will always support you. I’m sure you have a lot of your wonderful stories! Therefore, try to remember every day you spend with your family, and create your stunning stories!

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